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Data Center

Openwave Communications is dedicated to provide the vital and critical technology that you can depend on without risks. We have evolved into an industry leader by consolidating some of the strongest brands under one umbrella to deliver the utmost performance. We offer the ability to stay connected accross the globe, beceause we understand how important it is for you to operate without worries.


  • Cost effectiveness - On-site data management can be very expensive
  • Scalability - Colocation facilities are designed to comply with regulations and predicted capacity requirements
  • Security - All necessary resources to maintain high security and manage important upgrades
  • Sustainable - Data centers help businesses grow by providing a solid business infrastructure

Features and Highlights

  • Data Center Assessment Service - The relationship between space, power, and cooling, to determine the cooling capacity
  • Backup - Automatically backup servers and data on a scheduled basis
  • Compliance - Define and apply role-based access policies for internal and external regulatory requirements
  • Provisioning - Installation, management, device configuration, user profile creation
  • Monitoring - Alert on-call responders when problems occur, uptime reporting and monitoring